Sunday, March 30, 2008


The Internet is all up in arms about this: the makeover and re-release of the Sweet Valley High series, in which Jessica and Elizabeth have gone from a size 6 to a size 4. To which I say: bummer. That's fucking stupid. At face value, this is an unnecessary and vain slimdown.

But speaking of vanity--1983's size 6 is at least a 4 today, if not smaller! Also, do they wear a 4 in Gap or in Juicy Couture? Etc, etc. Was Random House attempting to compensate for the de-standardization of American sizing, or are they just plain old shitheads of the Anna Wintour* variety?

That's not what I came to complain about, however. The worst thing about their makeover is the Oracle is no longer the school's newspaper, but their website! Seeing that after reading this deeply upsetting New Yorker piece (yes, upsetting--talk about the disappearance of newspapers brings a legit tear to my eye), I am like basically a fetal ball of crybaby. I LIKE NEWSPAPERS. Can we please keep reading them?

*Talk about a clusterfuck.

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