Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Washington Post Labor Dispute

I remember seeing these pretty pointed ads taking shots at the labor practices of the Washington Post in the Metro recently, and wondered what the story was behind them. Admittedly, though, I haven't seen them lately, although I haven't been really into the city in the past few weeks. They bore a web address,, which took one to the official website of the labor group representing the Posts' production workers. The production workers, according to the background section of the website, are responsible for the following:

At the Washington Post, it is the production workers who assemble the papers and prepare them for delivery. Production workers are the last link in the production line. They receive the printed sections of the paper from the press room and bundle the final product into the paper you get on your doorstep. Some workers feed and operate heavy collating machines and inserters that combine the various advertisements and sections of the paper into a neat package. Others stack, lift and transport bundles of papers from one area to another.

I'm taking it upon myself to email whomever is the press representative for all of this. I'm sure most of you are interested in what the bottom of this is as well.

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